The Sipper Club: Monthly Tea Subscription

The Sipper Club: Monthly Tea Subscription

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Sipper Club is coming to an end November 2018. 1 month subscriptions are available till then. We will miss our tea club, but are looking to re-launch in 2019.

Welcome to THE SIPPER CLUB, our monthly tea subscription adventure!

Let us take you on a journey through the exotic world of tea, from the comfort of your own home/whare/casa.

What you get:

Each month we send you an exquisite, interesting, rare tea, packaged up with care and ready for you to enjoy and share. This is serious, real deal tea. Tea that is produced in small quantities by small-scale tea farmers, wild tree tea and new and fascinating tea styles. Treat your senses to top-shelf aromas, taste profiles and potent tea energy.

Surprise gifts! Every now and then we will lavish you with little treats for your tea brewing experience. If you sign up for the 6 month or 1 year subscription, we will send you something extra special!

A note with information about your tea of the month including basic brewing guidelines.

Each tea will be a secret until you open your package. We will endeavour to make each Tea Of The Month as different as possible to the next as well as covering a wide variety of tea categories. If there are highly popular teas amongst subscribers, we can do repeats the following year!

Free Shipping! Select the 'no shipping' option at checkout.

Gift Cards are now available! Delight your friends and loved ones with surprise tea and treats. Use their name and address for shipping at checkout and contact us to include an optional gift card. 

If you sign up after the current month has been sent out, you will automatically go into next months subscription. 


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