Peppermint Maté + Bombilla Set

Peppermint Maté + Bombilla Set


Enjoy our delicious + uplifting Yerba Maté blend with tradition and style.

This set includes:

1 x 60g pouch of Organic Peppermint Maté and 1 x Bombilla.

Bombilla (pronounced bomb-ee-yah or bomb-ee-zzjah) are traditional drinking straws used in South America for drinking maté. A filter is attached at the bottom, which allows for the tea to be drunk and the fine tea/herbs to remain in your cup.

These decorative and beautiful bombilla add a level of ritual and ceremony to your Peppermint Maté experience.

Made from stainless steel and plated brass. Make sure to rinse your bombilla with hot water after each tea session. DO NOT STIR HERBS in your cup with the bombilla.


A botanical match made in heaven. Yerba mate delivers serious steady invigoration along side the uplifting refreshment or peppermint. Earthy, sweet, and herbaceous.  Contains caffeine.

Ingredients: Green Yerba mate, Peppermint Leaf.

60 grams
(Approximately 25 servings)

All ingredients are organic or spray free

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