The Sipper Club January 2018 Edition

Happy New Year Sippers!

Your January parcel has been sent and will be with you soon!

We have spent our first days of 2018 out in nature, camping by a wild sea, boiling water outdoors and drinking splendid tea leaves while gazing out at the horizon. Camping has, and always will be a great reminder of how much vitality we can cultivate just by removing our modern conveniences, slowing down and being fully in the elements. A personal highlight was my morning routine of running into a VERY refreshing, cold sea, submerging fully, playing in the waves like a child, then hiking back up to our tent to drink my morning hot tea with salty skin! 

Can you tell that I am dearly missing camping?

Summer is the perfect time for Green Tea. This variety of tea is very cooling to the body, making it a wonderful, refreshing ally during the warm seasons. This month we have chosen a very unique, unusual tea for The Sipper Club: Purple Beauty Green Tea of Lancang.



Purple Beauty is a cultivar developed by the Yunnan Tea Research Institute in the 1980’s via cutting/cloning, spray-free/natural cultivation to encourage the concentration of purple and sweeter flavours. The purple pigment is due to high levels of anthocyanins, also found in purple rice, beetroot, berries, grapes and tart cherries. Anthocyanins are reported to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer benefits.

For a green tea, Purple Beauty brews a most fantastic colour! It is quite surprising to see swirls of pinky-grey-purple dance around the water as the infusion begins. The flavours are subtle to begin with - not at all like any green tea I have tasted before.  The toasty/earthy/smoky notes are instant for me, followed by sweetness, grape/plum fruit, and finishing off with a satisfying bitterness that often comes with green tea. 


We usually recommend 1 heaped teaspoon per cup for most teas. Start with this dosage, then try 1 heaped tablespoon if you find it to be too subtle. I personally enjoy a slightly larger amount of leaf per cup. Use 85 degree water to get the full flavour experience.  Go to 90 degrees if you feel that you need more out of the leaves.

You will get 2-3 full-flavoured infusions with each serving, as these are large, dark, Assamica leaves. These leaves are perfect for brewing bowl tea: placing a few leaves in a tea bowl, pouring in hot water and then drinking directly without any straining device. This is the oldest form of tea drinking and is a wonderful way to connect with the tradition of tea.

This is one of those teas that you will likely 'feel' in your cells. Cha Qi is known as 'tea energy' and can be felt after drinking certain teas. I have experienced this after very few teas, but when I have it is very obvious. This Purple Beauty Green Tea is one of them.  It feels as if an engine has sparked in your body, revving your cells in a warm, gentle way.  Your mind feels clear, calm and you feel utterly at peace. 

To add to your tea brewing experience, we have sent you a pair of Candle Quartz, also known as Pineapple Quartz or Atlantean Lovestar. This is a heart stone, said to open, balance and soothe the heart. We find these to match perfectly with tea. Set them up around your brewing tea to add a bit of nature to your Chaxi/Tea Stage. Music, flowers, foliage from your immediate environment and any treasured items of yours will add to your Chaxi



Enjoy this rare and wonderful tea! Please get in touch with any questions, comments, experiences! Share your tea moments with us on instagram/FB with #thesipperclub hashtag.













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