Classic White


Today's Tea Profile is the Duchess of Tea in our humble opinion: Classic White



White tea is still a new player in western tea culture. We often get asked what is white tea actually? 'What makes it white?' To start with, white tea comes from the same plant as black, green and oolong: Camellia Sinensis. White tea is made from both Camellia Sinensis and Camellia Sinensis var, Assamica and specific varietals within. What differentiates white tea mostly is how it is processed. This category of tea undergoes the least processing, it is simply picked and dried.

The new bud and top 2 leaves are used for white teas, as are just the buds. Pure bud white teas are often the most expensive! The buds infuse very delicate flavours, whereas the inclusion of leaves give the liquor more robust flavours, including some of the thirst quenching astringency associated with a classic cup of tea. This part of the plant contains the highest amount of antioxidants, which are maintained during the minimal processing that occurs. The new bud & leaves also contain high amounts of caffeine as it is a natural insecticide for the plant, making some white teas quite high in caffeine, contrary to popular opinion. 

Research has shown white tea to have greater capacity than green tea in inhibiting bacteria, viruses and fungi. WHAT! Consider white tea as part of your immune boosting protocol. White tea extract has been tested as an effective anti-microbial addition to many toothpaste formulas. Brew yourself a morning cup of white tea and save a little to rinse your mouth with after brushing.

BTC's Classic White has little, furry tea buds as well as new leaves included. We love a weightier white tea with thicker mouth-feel and a nice touch of astringency. We wanted a white tea that would pair fantastically with a wide range of foods. Not only does white tea pair with food, it acts as a highly efficient palate cleanser! If you want to get really fancy with your dinner guests - serve up chilled shots of white tea between courses for a bit of flair.

Treat yo' self with top shelf antioxidants

Boost the immune system and increase dental health with each cup of tea

Enhance your dining experience with white tea pairing and palate cleansing

Flavour profile: Sweet pea-floral, vegetal, astringent, grassy, slight umami, crisp.


When/why to drink:

Morning to afternoon and only in the evening if caffeine is not an issue.

For serious refreshment - during a hard days work, extra need for reinforcement.

To bring in some of the most wonderful aspects of the tea plant. White tea is very kind and gentle to the body while working efficiently to increase health. 

To impress dinner guests - iced tea, cold brew, sorbet, as a hot drink to finish the evening.

We repeat: TREAT YO' SELF

Invite this duchess to your teapot and allow her to jazz your taste buds and make your cells all fancy.

With love, as always,


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