Hibiscus Rose Petal


Tea Profile of the day is our beauty treasure: Hibiscus Rose Petal


This nourishing tisane is highly refreshing and also adaptable to the changing seasons. We love to sip on steaming hot mugs of this, lightly sweetened, to keep immunity humming along in winter. The crimson and magenta petals are cold-brewed over night to give us thirst quenching, skin loving, cooling, instagram-worthy drinks in summer. 

Hibiscus flowers (also sold as flor de jamaica and roselle) and Rose Petals have been revered by many cultures throughout the ages for their mild medicinal properties. We use these flowers as the base, adding elderberries for their stellar immune support/delicious berry flavour and vanilla for its complementary aromatic qualities.  

Lower blood pressure and fill up on antioxidants with Hibiscus Flower

Soothe the stomach and regulate mood with Rose Petals

Boost immunity with Elderberries

Raise your spirits and feed your taste buds with Vanilla

Flavour profile: Tart, sour, tangy, floral, sweet berry mid notes, earthy, aromatic, milky-vanilla.


When/why to drink:

Cold brew, iced tea, tea punch, tea cocktails in summer!

Caffeine-free 'pick-me-up' in the afternoon.

As a beauty tonic - wonderful for nurturing and repairing the skin when consumed regularly.

A tea for the whole family - kids love this tea!

Boost your antioxidant intake.

Help release extra fluids with its mild diuretic action.

As a hot tonic during winter for immune support.


Enjoy a steaming pot of tea with loved ones and extract the royalty of flowers with this magenta beauty!

Happy sipping Tea Darlings,






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