Earl Grey

Our Tea Profile of the day is one of our usual suspects: Earl Grey


Earl Grey consists of black tea that has been infused with the essential oil of Bergamot - a highly fragrant citrus fruit. Many versions of Earl Grey have added 'flavours', flowers, fruits, or vanilla but traditional Earl Grey is solely this simple combination. Although it is widely consumed, EGT is very polarizing! People love it or they straight up hate it.

This soothing tea reminds me of my mother, of drinking tea surrounded by my family in the South Island of New Zealand, of being newly pregnant and sipping on milky earl grey tea with honey as I lay exhausted on my mother's lap - it is a highly nostalgic tea!

Tradition has Earl Grey sipped simply as is, sweetened or with a little milk. Modern tea culture has taken this wonderful aromatic leaf and created many styles of beverages including my favourite, London Fog : a tea latte with milk and vanilla syrup. There are many variations to this theme that use different kinds of milk, sweeteners and even different teas (Seattle Fog, Bangalore Fog, Atlantic City Fog.. many other kinds of Fog!) Basically, this tea makes a mean tea latte and you definitely need to try one out ASAP. We recommend making a tea concentrate using a high ratio of leaf to water, infusing it for a maximum of 2 minutes, strain the tea then add your choice of steamed milk (almond, coconut, moo cow) and sweeten with vanilla syrup or other sweetener. 

BTC's Earl Grey is organic from head to toe and a nice OP grade (decent full leaf) giving you around 3 flavourful infusions out of one serving! The tea is fresh and high quality meaning that it does not need to be 'over flavoured' or blended with other ingredients to mask staleness or lack of noble flavours.

Boost your mood and soothe your nerves with Organic Bergamot oil.

Enhance productivity and increase antioxidant intake with Organic Black Tea.

Relish in tradition and nostalgia with every sip.


Flavour profile: Malty, citrus, candied fruit, aromatic, brisk, astringent, bright.

When/why to drink:

Any time of day: To start your morning, pick up your afternoon or to soothe in the evening if not caffeine sensitive.

During times of stress and strain - emotionally and mentally.

Tea Lattes - Get your 'Fog on'! Remember: tea concentrate, steamed milk, vanilla syrup.

Reflecting on your relatives/elders/ancestors - I immediately feel connected to my British/Irish roots when I sip on Earl Grey.

To reap the benefits of the tea plant. Drinking organic tea leaf will bring many health benefits to your life, both short and long term. This point requires a novel chapter to cover!

** Vegetarians and those with low iron, avoid having this tea with or near meals. Drinking tannin rich tea with food can block iron absorption. Savouring it with sweet treats or toast/snack meals is fine. 

I am off to brew a London Fog tea latte on this rainy, blustery spring day.

Happy sipping Tea Darlings!



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