Blue Velvet


Tea Profile of the day: Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet is BTC's most exotic tisane, infusing shades of blue ranging from deep azure to rich violet and even bright dark turquoise. Blue Velvet is based on the Butterfly Pea Flower, a brilliant blue flower from South East Asia (where the tea is know as 'Anchan'). This beauty provides some serious, radiant colours!

The infused liquor of the petals is pH sensitive - meaning that the resulting colour is altered by what it is brewed with, the quality and nature of the water used and infusion length.  It is popularly sold as "the colour changing tea" with instructions to add lemon juice (acid) to turn it bright purple.  If there ever was a tea to brighten your day and blow your kids minds - this is it!

This caffeine-free tisane is wonderful for the whole family. The flavours are mild and slightly sweet, making it perfect as a base for iced tea elixirs and freezing into super coloured ice cubes to add some magical unicorn vibes to your life.

As a hot drink, this tea is extremely soothing and bolstering. Aromatic cardamom is highly complementary to the subtle, slow sweetness of the butterfly pea flower. It will refresh you in the morning and mellow you out in the evening without causing drowsiness.

Historically, Butterfly Pea Flower has been known to stimulate hair growth, nourish eye health, enhance the immune system and do some serious work on the quality of your skin thanks to the presence of the powerful antioxidant, proanthocyanidin.

Nourish and enhance your radiance with Butterfly Pea Flower.

Soothe and stimulate digestion with cardamom and lemongrass.

Reduce inflammation.

Flavour profile: Sweet, floral, earthy, woody, aromatic, spicy, slight lemon note, creamy/thick mouth feel.




When/why to drink:

Inspiring - watching the water turn azure will lift your spirits.

Skin, hair, eye nourishment - a wonderful radiance enhancing tea!

Stress relief.

Digestive health.

When you need to bust out a special tea for friends and family.

Crafting fun, alcohol-free beverages.

Kids birthday parties - hello blue ice cubes!


This tea is will brighten up your kitchen game and bring some sweet relief to stressful lifestyles. Try it out as Spring flourishes into Summer and the silly season comes into full swing!


As always, happy sipping!






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