Moon Tea


Today's tea profile is Bohemia's debut blend, Moon Tea.

This unique blend of herbs was crafted out of a need for support during the moon cycle. For women this often means physical, emotional and nervous system support during the various phases of menstruation. The moon affects us all! So menfolk - you are not left out here! The full moon can lead to sleep disturbance and enhancement of other discomforts, the new moon can often make us feel tired and introspective. So! Moon Tea to the rescue.

Gently cleanse and nourish your system with Raspberry leaf & Nettle leaf.

Soothe and settle with Chamomile flower & fennel seed.

Refresh and release with Peppermint leaf & Thyme leaf.

Flavour profile: Herbaceous. Grassy. Sweet. Aromatic. Astringent. Subtle mint.

Raspberry leaf provides a similar mouth feel to black tea with its astringency and full flavour. Nettle lends beautiful creamy-grassy qualities. Chamomile infuses a grassy-sweetness. Fennel seed adds further sweetness with an aromatic anise note. Thyme gives us an unconventional, herbaceous tone that is both delicious and surprising. Peppermint lifts the whole blend with minty goodness.



When/Why to drink:


Immune & digestive support.

To ease hangovers.

To support ovulation/menstruation.

Gentle, safe cleansing and releasing for the body.

Mood support.

Healthy sleep aid.

** If pregnant, please consult with your healthcare practitioner before drinking this tea. Raspberry leaf is not advised during the first trimester. Thyme has also been used to bring on labour in large doses. There is a small amount of thyme in this blend but should be avoided in some cases.


Happy sipping Tea Babes!




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