Welcome to Bohemia Tea Journal & A Daily Tea Ritual

Hello tea lovers,

We are so very excited to launch our Tea Journal. Here we will be sharing tips for brewing your perfect pot of tea, profiles, recipes, photos, and of course, tea inspiration!

To start things off lets talk about the deliciousness of a daily tea ritual.

/ Blue Velvet tea in action /

/ Blue Velvet tea in action /


A daily tea ritual is a wonderful, simple offering of self care. It can be as lengthy and elaborate or as simple and brief as you need. Investing in a decent teapot and sourcing some organic, high quality tea and herbs is a wonderful start. Carving out time for your tea moments is the next investment. After a bit of practice, loose leaf tea becomes just as easy (if not more so!) than tea bags. Loose leaf tea is also wonderful for your garden so the spent tea/herbs can go straight into the ground, compost or around the base of potted plants. Win!

Once you are accustomed to the 'slowing down' that tea fosters, you will find that productivity begins to increase. Giving yourself these moments of calm & respite will begin to change how you handle the stresses that the speed and stimulation of modern living induces. If you need whizz, tea can give you whizz (hello Yerba Matē and strong Jasmine Green Tea). Thankfully, the whizz is steady, long lasting and fades gradually rather than the sudden peak and crash of other caffeine experiences. Sorry coffee - you are a babe and we all love you but you harsh my mellow.

Tea engages the senses, especially if prepared and served with inspiration. Good tea looks amazing, smells amazing and tastes heavenly. Re-boiled tap water and stale tea bags are an absolute no-no in the realm of a decent tea ritual. Using purified, clean water and fresh, organic tea is fundamental.  

Offering this experience to yourself, to your guests, friends, family, strangers is putting some love into the world. Every day. We invite you to give it a try!